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Why Tanzania should be on your bucket list

By Sarah


When choosing where to go abroad, it’s easy to get lost in the idea of travelling to South America or Asia (I am guilty of this!). And while it is my dream to get over to Africa, very few travellers will choose to visit.  

So, get your pen and paper out because this will be one for your bucket list! I'm going to be sharing why Tanzania should be on your radar and you will hear from Lucy, our Student Engagement Coordinator, who’s visited several times!  

Besides the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, there is so much to explore in Tanzania. It is the land of natural wonders, diverse culture and not to mention, magnificent wildlife and safari experiences. The mountainous country offers amazing food, some of the most unique accommodation in the world and will most definitely leave you with many memorable moments.


Safari adventure or National Park 

You will witness animals in their natural habitat! 

Unlike most places, you don’t have to go to a zoo to see the animals of Tanzania. Experience Mother Nature in all her glory and get a glimpse of the great wildebeest migration. This occurs in Serengeti National Park and is the time when millions of wildebeest, antelopes and zebras end up on the south of Serengeti and move towards Ndutu.



The Ngorogoro crater is another National Park packed with native animals, just outside of Arusha, and whilst it only just missed the list of the ‘7 natural wonders of the world’, the crater is truly a sight that photos can never do justice to. You have to see it with your own eyes! 

Tanzania is also home to the big five. That’s the rhino, lion, elephant, leopard and buffalo. The world’s largest game reserve, Selous Game Reserve, is home to around 2,000 rhinos, 120,000 elephants and many other species like the rhino.  

You’ll also find hundreds of bird species in Ruaha, Tanzania’s largest national park, some of which are extremely rare to see. You can even catch a hot air balloon for a fun adventure - like I said not many people go to Africa so imagine saying you were in a hot air balloon there?!? Definitely on my bucket list.  



Mount Kilimanjaro 

Located in Kilimanjaro National Park is the country’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. She stands at 5,895 metres which is 19,341 ft. above sea level. and will certainly be on the top of every hiker’s list.  

The mountain is actually an inactive volcano and before the pandemic, was climbed by roughly 30,000 people annually! Which is an insane number of you ask me.  

Beaches in Africa? YES!  

Being Australian, it’s easy to miss the beach when you’re abroad. But Zanzibar Island, the main island in the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar, has a place for you. This island is very popular, having amazing beaches with crystal clear water. There are two popular Zanzibar beaches, Nungwi Beach and Kendwa Beach and if you’re keen to lay back and watch the sunset with your crew of volunteers, you’ll want to check out Kendwa. 



“The first time I travelled to Tanzania, I knew almost nothing about where I was going, but I ignorantly imagined Africa to only be what you see on TV. Images of rural communities, vast landscapes, and unfortunately, a lot of poverty. How wrong was I... Tanzania is easily one of the brightest, most vibrant and colourful places I have ever been. If you love amazing scenery and wildlife, there is no better place. In the city, everywhere you go is bustling with people who spend each day congregating outside, running local businesses, working or playing sports, so there is never a dull moment or a time when you're walking down the street. There are markets, bars, cafes and restaurants on every corner, where music is often booming from the speakers. The people are always so friendly and communal; when working in the community, you’re always invited to have tea or lunch at someone’s home or getting the opportunity to meet a new friend or family member. At times it can be full on, but if you learn to be adaptable, patient and open minded, you will truly have the best time of your life in Tanzania. I do every time I go, without fail’ 

Lucy – Student Engagement Coordinator  


Tanzania is certainly a misunderstood country, with so much to offer. Of course, like any adventure, it can be daunting taking yourself to new places, which is why travelling with Challenges Abroad is an amazing option. We have programs for 2022 and if this blog has inspired you to take yourself to Africa, check out our programs here