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An experience of a lifetime.

Picture this. It's summer, you've finished your year 12 exams and you're heading off on the biggest adventure yet with a group of likeminded people you've been getting to know over the past year. Together you'll be working with elephants in Thailand, trekking into the Himalayas in Nepal, riding the bamboo train in Cambodia or chilling at the Taj Mahal in India - welcome to Schoolies With Impact!



why schoolies with impact?

This is a meaningful alternative to the traditional schoolies trips here in Australia. Not only do you get to travel overseas to an amazing destination, but you get to volunteer and give back to the local community while you're there!  


We know that the university and job market is becoming increasingly competitive, so on top of this being the adventure of a lifetime, you'll actually gain some pretty awesome skills that will help you be successful at uni and eventually land your dream job! 



The overseas trip

This will be an 10-14 day adventure like no other! Travelling to either Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal or India after your Year 12 exams, you'll spend your time volunteering with the local community on important projects and seeing some of the best cultural sites the country has to offer!


You'll be volunteering for 5 days with the local community on a range of activities. At one of our local schools you'll deliver exciting workshops sessions to the children that help to develop their life skills and get them engaged with their education. Think activities like music, sport, art, drama, photography or even IT - things that these children are missing from their day to day education. You'll also get to work on important construction projects - previous groups have renovated classrooms, planted gardens, created hand washing stations... you name it!


The rest of the time you'll be guided by one of our experienced Schoolies leaders as you visit some amazing sites in the destination of your choosing: be it Angkor Watt in Cambodia, the Taj Mahal in India, helping elephants at a sanctuary in Thailand or trekking into the Himalayas in Nepal!



before you travel - Character Builders workshops

Before you travel you'll get to attend 2 amazing personal development and leadership workshops facilitated by our partner, Character Builders, that will not only help prepare you for your schoolies trip, but also give you some amazing skills you can use throughout your whole life!


You'll have a wonderful time with schoolies participants from across your state as you learn how to shape YOUR story to make the biggest impact you can on your life and the lives of others. You'll learn important core values and character strengths that will not only prepare you to travel and make an impact overseas, but transform you into a Global Citizen and future leader. You will build your confidence, leadership, self esteem and team work skills, all while meeting other like minded school leavers who will be travelling with you in a few months time! 



Support and preparation

We make preparing for Schoolies super easy so you don't have to balance too many things along with the stress of your final exams! From the moment you sign up we'll provide you with comprehensive support that will include:

  • Your own trained and experienced Schoolies leader who'll travel with you.

  • 2 leadership workshops facilitated by Character Builders

  • At least 4 team meetings (one per term) to prepare for travel

  • A full pre-departure session and briefing pack

  • Fundraising support

  • 24/7 overseas support from our staff on the ground

  • Catch up session when you return

  • Challenges Abroad alumni events and future leadership opportunities

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Schoolies trip dates and itineraries here.



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