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Volunteering abroad is a fantastic opportunity to use your skills to help make the world a better place. As well as helping others, doing an overseas volunteering program will also benefit you in a myriad of ways.  


Volunteering Can help Shape Your Future

If you already know what your career goals are, an overseas volunteer program is a great addition to your resume and will help set you apart from the crowd. It can help solidify your chosen path and give you valuable experience that will further your enthusiasm and knowledge for your dream job!


Even if you’re still trying to work out what you want to do in the future and need some career inspiration, volunteering abroad can help you test out lots of different pathways like teaching, health, community development and environmental studies! Your volunteering experience can give you a glimpse into a career you’re looking to learn about, with lots of fun thrown in too, of course!


"For me, health promotion in India was what got me the foot in the door and secured my first grad job after uni. In an industry that’s hard to get into, with so many people having the same qualification on paper, being able to draw on the experiences and ways I used my skills abroad got me my dream job!" - Fiona Hegarty, India Health Promotion Challenge



It will give you A Confidence Boost

Whether it’s from travelling overseas by yourself, getting to know and working with people you don't know very well, doing something you’ve never done before or being able to help those in need, volunteering will give you a great boost of confidence! Through all of the fun and excitement of volunteering abroad, you will experience moments where you will need to step out of your comfort zone and work through challenges. As you push through these moments, you will grow your confidence as you realise there is so much that you're capable of! 


You'll Learn About Yourself

Volunteering overseas is a great chance to get an introspective look into your strengths, whether they’re known to you or yet to be found! Although teaching, doing renovations or working in a team may be in your wheelhouse already, doing them overseas is a whole other ball game. How you cope when volunteering in a completely new culture, with people you've only just met and trying to teach and work with those whose first language isn't English will teach you a lot about yourself. And each day will bring another new experience that you can learn and grow from.


"This experience volunteering and leading a team has me understanding why I am here in this world, and the changes I can make as one person and in a team of people. Life is less confusing when you work out what you’re destined for. CAA benefits not only the communities we work and volunteer in, but benefits all volunteers - as we grow, develop and realise our potential." -Ellen Toull, Peru Health Promotion Challenge



You'll develop an Empathetic Point of View

Last but not least, volunteering abroad is a grounding experience where you can see first-hand how different life is for those who have fewer resources and opportunities. While you may have already heard/read about what life is like for locals in the country you're volunteering in, witnessing it yourself is far more impactful.


This experience can help you gain a more empathetic view of where other people come from, a skill that you can take back with you and will come in handy in your everyday life. Understanding where others are coming from will help you deal with confrontations or issues in the workplace, home or at university.


"I am more reflective in everyday life and have more gratitude for what we have in Australia. I also have the volunteer bug and am keen to help out in the community and reach out to those in need." - Jodie Quayle, Cambodia Community Challenge



You can volunteer with us in Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, Nepal, India and Peru, which gives you plenty of choice if you're wanting to get skills or look into a career path, gain confidence, learn about yourself, or further your understanding of others.


This blog was written by Isabelle Mills, Cambodia volunteer and media intern.