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Thailand, Laos + Vietnam

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Population = 16 Million People

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Currency = Cambodian Riel

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Language = Khmer

About Cambodia

Enjoy amazing scenery, charming culture and welcoming people when you volunteer in Cambodia with Challenges Abroad. Our volunteers are based in our hub in Battambang, a picturesque riverside city that really feels more like a country town. Here you can visit local cafes and restaurants, ride on the bamboo train, trek to the bat caves and explore some incredible temples in your spare time from volunteering.


You will also have the chance to visit Siem Reap, home to the incredible Angkor Wat temples and just 3 a hour drive from Battambang. After catching the sunrise at Angkor Wat and exploring all that the temple complex has to offer, you can visit the local markets, infamous ‘pub street’ and relaxing spas to wind down and chill out when you’re not volunteering.


Volunteer programs in Cambodia

Cambodia’s troubled and violent history during the Khmer Rouge regime has created many social and economic challenges that the country is still working to overcome. Even with recent progress, many marginalised groups don’t receive the support they need, living on the poverty line and lacking access to income generation opportunities, quality education and healthcare, which is why we need you to help us make a change.

You can choose from a range of volunteer projects to make an impact in Cambodia with Challenges Abroad, including:


Make an ethical impact when volunteering in Cambodia

In Battambang you will be volunteering with our charity, the FutureSense Foundation. Our FutureSense Cambodia team are based in Battambang year-round and work with the local community to ensure that our volunteer programs are meeting current needs and are part of a long-term plan that aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through this model our volunteers are able to make a contribution that will have an ongoing, positive impact in the community.


We are committed to making sure that our volunteer programs in Cambodia and around the world are ethical and sustainable, while safeguarding children that we work with and fostering global citizenship. You can learn more about our sustainable development projects in Cambodia by visiting the FutureSense website.

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