Greater Equality. A More Sustainable Environment. A More Secure World for Everyone.

Since establishment, we've sent out close to 3,000 participants on our programs across 7 locations around the world!

Australian university students volunteer abroad

What makes us different?

Our programs provide you with an opportunity to work on projects that make long-term, positive impacts on our global community. We do this by supporting the goals and objectives of our charity, The FutureSense Foundation

Our values:

Why should you join a program?

There are too many benefits to list! Joining one of our programs really is an awesome opportunity to do something you've never done before. The sense of accomplishment that you'll get when you finish your program will leave you wanting to do it all over again!

Not to mention the skills that this sort of challenge will give you.

In 2023:

university students, volunteer abroad, soft skills, skills development, personal growth, work experience

We can guarantee these skills will be extremely valuable and will help drive your success as stand out from the crowd and land your first job!

So now that we've convinced you, it's time to take the leap and choose your program!