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Happy New Year Global Citizens! At Challenges Abroad, we are more than ready to be getting back to travel in 2022, and opening our programs, so that you can not only make the most of your time at university, but have a truly memorable, unique experience after 2 years of uncertainty!

To kickstart the new year, we want to introduce you to the many different trip types and experiences you can have with Challenges Abroad!

So, lets jump right in!

Where can you volunteer?

At Challenges Abroad, and the FutureSense Foundation, we operate in 6 amazing, vibrant countries around the world!

Have you ever experienced the beautiful beaches and bustling culture of Thailand? Or perhaps the ancient temples in Cambodia? Nepal offers the largest, and most amazing mountain ranges in the world, whereas India is fast paced, full of amazing food and welcoming communities!

Tanzania is a vibrant, colourful destination, where Safari and the Big 5 are only just a few kilometres away! Or finally, Peru can offer that Latin American buzz, music and culture and the world famous Machu Picchu!

Where would you choose to volunteer?

What types of programs can you do?

In 2022, we have more programs available than ever before, and if your not quite ready to hop on a plane just yet, there are Virtual opportunities that still allow you to become a Global Citizen, and have a sustainable impact on our community hubs!


In-Person Volunteer Programs

As of January 2022, we are opening our in-person volunteer experiences after 2 years of them being closed!

Our in-person volunteer programs are for you to travel, experience living and working in a new culture, whilst using your skills to support the work of our partner charity the FutureSense Foundation. On an in-person program, you could be travelling with a group of likeminded students to our in-country hubs, where you spend 2 weeks or more, working with the local community!

On an in-person program, you could choose to support either community and education programs, Health based programs, environment and sustainability or even do an adventure challenge, which includes a hike in the Himalayas!


Challenge Leader Program

If you are looking to really build your professional resume, develop core leadership skills and lead your own team of Global Citizens on an in-person program, the Challenge Leader program is a unique global experience for you!

The Challenges Abroad ‘Challenge Leader Program’ allows you to lead a team of 10-20 student volunteers, on an overseas volunteer program of your choice

The Challenge Leader program is one you will be engaged with throughout the year, in the leadup to your trip!

So what do Challenge Leaders do? If you choose to lead your own global challenge, you will start by building your own team of 10-20 volunteers to join you on your trip! As the leader, you will attend monthly leadership workshops, with leadership experts, attend leadership training weekends, organise a fundraiser and work with a one-on-one mentor to support you in your role!

The best part… As a challenge leader, you receive program perks and even a free trip if you build a team of 15!


Virtual Internships

Whilst travel is definitely back, we totally understand some people may not be quite ready to hop on a plane and head abroad. So, we are keeping our Virtual Internships program, so that you can experience the world, right from home!

Over either 3 weeks full time (14-16 hours per week) or 5 weeks part time (8-10 hours per week), as a Virtual Intern, you will work collaboratively with our in-country teams to develop and deliver education and awareness based workshops, to support Health, Education and Livelihoods projects on the ground!

This program is a fantastic opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, while developing your skills, and working with some amazing communities virtually!


So, if you are not ready to waste any more time waiting to experience the world, choose a program that suits you, and make it happen!

2022 is offering so many wonderful opportunities as we come out of the pandemic, so be sure to remember, you only regret the opportunities you don’t take!