Get ready for the best year of your life

Our Leadership Program kicks off with an induction and orientation with your fellow leaders. You’ll be provided with a schedule for the monthly workshops you’ll attend, and you’ll organise a regular time to catch-up with your mentor for support.

Positions are limited! The sooner you apply, the best opportunity you have to select your preferred volunteer program and dates.  

Joining our leadership program will be challenging, but that's how we grow! As a leader you'll:

  • Join an inspiring and empowering community of challenge leaders across Australia

  • Gain essential and unique skills for future employment

  • Use your skills to make a real difference to vulnerable overseas communities

  • Create an amazing team and form lifelong friendships

  • Have the time of your life volunteering and travelling overseas!

What you'll need to do

  • Choose a volunteer challenge that inspires you and recruit a team of 10-20 people to volunteer with you.

  • Attend monthly workshops from experts in the field to build your leadership skills. 
  • Have regular calls with your Challenges Abroad leadership mentor for team building support and leadership development.

  • Attend our amazing leadership training weekend hosted by leadership professionals.

  • Host meetings with your team leading up to your volunteer program.

  • Organise at least one team fundraising event for our charity, the FutureSense Foundation.

  • Represent Challenges Abroad at relevant university events. 


More perks

Being a challenge leader does involve a time commitment, especially while you're recruiting your team. We realise this is time that you could otherwise be spending working to help pay for your volunteer program, which is why we offer our leaders a discount on program fees!

  • Once you recruit a team of 5, you'll receive $300 off your program fee.

  • For each person over the team of 5 that you recruit, you'll receive an additional $100 discount

  • When you recruit 15 team members, your program will be FREE*

  • For any person over the team of 15 you recruit, you'll receive an additional $100 towards your flights and other costs.

*the discount excludes the $250 deposit paid when signing up to your program.

Being a successful leader

We are here to support you through your leadership journey as you recruit your team and develop your skills. To be successful, you'll need to make sure that you can commit to the following:

  • Checking in regularly with your mentor so that they can assist you as you recruit and manage your team.

  • Promoting your trip on campus/social media and staying in touch with everyone interested.

  • Attending the leadership training weekend.

  • Organising at least one team fundraiser for the FutureSense Foundation (aim to raise $500)!

  • Attending all of the leadership workshops.


When you're volunteering overseas

Everything will be just as new to you as it will be for your team members, which is why you'll have the full support of our in-country team. Your role as a leader will be to inspire your team to work well together.

The training weekend and monthly workshops will give you the skills you need to motivate your team, deal with any conflict proactively and know when to ask for extra support from our in-country team. Most importantly, we want you to have an amazing time on your volunteer challenge and savour all the wonderful memories!