Volunteering overseas is your passport to global citizenship


What is Global Citizenship?

Global Citizenship can mean different things to different people. To us it's recognising that we are citizens of the world, not just our own country, and that we have a role to play in making sure that everyone around the world has equal opportunities. Global Citizens are outraged by social injustice and want to do what they can to make a difference overseas and in their own community. We're on a mission to create a new generation of Global Citizens, and we want you to join the movement!


Why is Global Citizenship Important?

The key elements of Global Citizenship are awareness, responsibility and participation. The more that we are aware of our place in the world and how that compares to others, the more that we will feel a responsibility to help those less fortunate than us. The best way to do this is to actively participate in our communities to create positive change across a whole range of social issues like human rights and climate change. The more people that take action to make a change, the faster that change will occur. In short, Global Citizenship gives us hope for a future in which our world is sustainable and equal. 


How can I become a Global Citizen?

Becoming a Global Citizen is easy. Once you start thinking critically about your place in the world and commit to doing your bit to end inequalities, you're half-way there! The final step is actually doing something, whether that be getting involved in your own community or joining one of our volunteer Challenges! By volunteering with us you'll be able to broaden your horizons and enhance your understanding of the world, all while making a positive impact in a marginalised community!


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