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we provide continuous support

From helping match you with the perfect volunteer program to immersing you in local culture overseas, we'll be there to support you along every step of your volunteer journey. 


Choosing your volunteer program

When do you want to volunteer, where do you want to go, which sort of program do your skills align with? These are all important questions that our team here in Australia will be able to assist you with.  

All you need to do is send through an enquiry or live chat and we can help you figure out which volunteer program will be best for you and answer all the questions you might have.

Once you sign up

When you register for your volunteer program and pay your deposit our support team will send you through a Welcome Pack that contains a wealth of information about your program and how you can start preparing. 

You'll also be added to the private Facebook group for your volunteer program where you can meet the others you'll be volunteering with and receive regular updates from our team. 

Most volunteers have 6-9 months to prepare between signing up and their volunteer program starting. During this time we will provide you with a number of resources to get you ready, including a packing list, country information pack and a full program briefing pack.

About 6 weeks before your volunteer program is due to commence we will host a pre-departure meeting. Here you will connect with our overseas team, receive specific and detailed information about the projects you will be working on overseas as well as the final things you should be doing to prepare. 


24/7 support overseas

Our overseas team will support you the entire time that you are volunteering in the community. They will meet you at the airport the day your program starts, provide a full cultural induction, come with you to project sites and be available if you need any assistance or just a chat during your downtime.

Our overseas teams live and work year-round in the community where you'll be volunteering. They have expert knowledge of the area and culture to help you immerse in the community to and ensure your safety. 


When you get back 

Your journey with us doesn't have to end when your volunteer program finishes. You will have the opportunity to join our alumni community, sign up to our leadership program, stay engaged with the work of our overseas teams and more.