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Volunteer Code of Conduct


You will act respectfully at all times towards your fellow volunteers, in-country staff and all members of the community.

Throughout the entirety of your program you will be punctual, reliable and appropriately dressed (shoulders, knees and midriff covered, nothing see-through).

You will not bully, display cruel, thoughtless or rude behaviour or commit acts which could injure or harm others.

You will act appropriately and not engage in any conduct that could be deemed sexual harassment. You commit to reporting any suspicious or concerning behaviour immediately.

You will adhere to the health and safety regulations as given to you by the in-country team during your orientation.

You will abide by local laws at all times.

You will not purchase, handle or use any illicit drugs during the entirety of your program. Any breach will result in your immediate expulsion from the program at your own cost.

You will not consume any alcohol at the volunteer accommodation. Should you choose to consume alcohol in town you will do so responsibly, behave appropriately and respect local customs. You will ensure your alcohol consumption does not disturb fellow volunteers, staff or community members.

You will not rent, drive or ride as a passenger on a motorbike/motorcycle/scooter or on the back of a pick-up truck at any point during your program.

You will strive to maintain a positive attitude throughout your program and will make sure to discuss any difficulties with the in-country team.


disciplinary procedures

Any breach of this Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action.

First offences will usually result in a verbal warning where appropriate. Repeated offences after the first warning could lead to a final written warning. Any further offences will result in dismissal.

Challenges Abroad reserves the right to issue a warning of any kind, including dismissal from the program, regardless of whether any warnings have been given. All disciplinary action will be documented and take place in front of a witness, where appropriate.

The following non-exhaustive list details actions that are grounds for immediate dismissal:

  • Possession, use or supply of illicit drugs

  • Breaking local laws,

  • Taking alcohol/being intoxicated while on project or interacting with Challenges Abroad program partners

  • Disobeying health and safety instructions resulting in the injury or harm of yourself or others

  • Gross misconduct which could injure or harm others, disrupt program activities or jeopardise relations between Challenges Abroad and the host community

  • We deem it is in the best interests of your health and safety or of the program in general